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Aosta Valley, Italy

More than 5000 km of trails. 23 Valleys linked by mountain passes with refuges and bivouacs to stay in overnight.

Why Ride With Us?

Because we are locals and know these mountains like our back pockets. Leave the planning up to us, just concentrate on the ride.

Join the Adventure

It’s a matter of pride for us to offer you not just a trip, but the trip of a lifetime.


Riding here puts all your senses into play.

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Aosta Valley Freeride

For the last fifteen years we spent all the time we could, riding in the great outdoors. For us, nothing compares to the quality of life natural elements give. This wonderful valley offers so much of the good stuff.

We know how lucky we are to call this place home and love the changing cycles of the seasons. Every one of them has distinct characteristics and offers different possibilities.

Come ride with us!

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Valle d’Aosta is heaven on earth for bike riding with its endless flow trails, its disarming panorama and the wide range of options. The number of trails you can ride is mind blowing. The bike parks are just the top of the iceberg, treat your curiosity and come roll through the deep wilderness.

We offer more than just Adrenaline

We offer experiences that won't fade!



Living here is not only about the natural beauty of the epic wilderness. Respecting traditions and heritage gives us the chance to admire how life in Valle d’Aosta evolved to such a rich and colorful culture.

Food & Wine

Food & Wine

The culinary aspect of the valley is considered as a centerpiece of the senses. Aostan people are a proud people that love sharing their best products.



Welcome to the birthplace of mountaineering. It all started here after the enlightenment of society in the 18th century that replaced the view on the mountains as horrific to the magnificent.



The rides here involve your senses in a global form: Mind, body and soul. Escape from your routine to come ride with us amongst genuine beauty. The Alps will cleanse the stress away with it’s breathtaking views and it’s fresh air.



AVF respects nature and is conscious that what we have today is to be kept safe for not only generations to come, but because mother nature is boss.



The trails are infinite and knowing where to go is crucial to not end up between a rock and a hard spot. Let us worry about showing the best spots, we love to tell you what we know on these mountains.

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Aosta Valley Freeride

Aosta – Italy

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