Bike Shuttle

Bike Shuttle

From the 2018 season we offer the

From the 2018 season we offer the possibility to take advantage of the shuttle service with transportation permits without MTB guide on board. This service is limited to a maximum of 8 people.

The shuttle is only bookable for single lifts, it is not possible to reserve it for several consecutive lifts.


  • 2 people – 50. p/pers
  • 3 people – 40. p/pers
  • 4 people – 30. p/pers
  • 5 people – 25. p/pers
  • 6 people – 20. p/pers
  • 7 people – 20. p/pers
  • 8 people – 20. p/pers

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The prices are for single transport and the price covers the maximum of 35km.

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