Daily rides

Maximize the fun

You can go from a classic shuttle day or choose from other options. Keep in mind that natural trails include occasional short uphills even for shuttle rides.

In any case our company policy is to make the most out of each experience, riding inside your comfort zone and remembering that we share the trail with hikers and fellow nature lovers.

In other words we strongly suggest trail bike set up and using an open face helmet. Please note that our guided tours start at 9.30 am and the last uplift with the shuttle will be within 5.00 pm

The shuttle will be available all day for the group*.

  • 7 people 80.- p/pers
  • 6 people 90.- p/pers
  • 5 people 100.- p/pers
  • 4 people 120.- p/pers
  • 3 people 150.- p/pers

Pedaled tour with morning uplift.

  • 7 people 65.- p/pers
  • 6 people 75.- p/pers
  • 5 people 80.- p/pers
  • 4 people 90.- p/pers
  • 3 people 120.- p/pers
  • 2 people 160.- p/pers
  • 1 person 300.-

Pedaled tour without shuttle assistance.

  • 7 people 55.- p/pers
  • 6 people 60.- p/pers
  • 5 people 70.- p/pers
  • 4 people 80.- p/pers
  • 3 people 100.- p/pers
  • 2 people 140.- p/pers
  • 1 person 250.

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If you book a guide directly from here, you will leave directly from THE PLACE by bike, the shuttle is not included and cannot be booked on the spot.

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We point out that it is possible to book a lesson only 24 hours before the selected time, to guarantee our teachers the best organisation.

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