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Step up the level of your riding

Dedicate a couple of hours of your day in the bike park and fix a private class with one of our coaches to improve your MTB skills effectively.

The advantage of being assisted by an MTB teacher, even just for a few hours, is noticeable and guarantees a huge bang for your buck! Recognizing the root of the problem is essential, then choosing the most effective drills to correct specific movements will help you straighten out your technical flaws quickly.

The coach will assess your riding skills and suggest what to work on straight away. He’ll explain in detail and demonstrate the proper techniques before doing drills on appropriate sections of trail. The course will stay in motion for as much as possible, only stoping on the side to go over your progression and give you tips and tricks to make everything click easier.

At the end of each lesson you’ll be able to continue practicing in the bike park straight away to keep the ball rolling, having the confidence of knowing how to improve safely, while still shredding trail!


1 hour lesson

1 person – € 35

2 people – € 50

3 people – € 60

for each additional person € 15

2 hour lesson

1 person – € 70

2 people – € 100

3 people – € 120

for each additional person € 30

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