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If you’re looking to improve your riding skills to go further, smoother, faster yet minimising the risk, then try our MTB technique lessons and put it all into practice on our world renowned alpine trails.
We start our day by introducing the Main Skills on safe grounds using Cones, drop and ramp. We start by going over all the basics: Bike Set-Up, Riding Position, Sight, Breaking, Turning, Steep Sections, Off-Camber Sections, Drops and Jumps.
All aboard the shuttle or lift for our first run to warm up and get acquainted with the trail conditions and terrain.

Lunch time: We fuel up, have a rest and take the time to talk about any personal riding issues we have or curiosities on the proper techniques.

The shuttle/lift takes us back up the mountain to continue on the same trail stopping in 3 Sections for about 30min Clinics each, to go over the Main Basic Skills: 1. Breaking Points & Turns, 2. Steep & Off- Camber Sections Drops and 3. Drops & Jumps.
  • 7 people 70.- p/pers.
  • 6 people 80.- p/pers.
  • 5 people 90.- p/pers.
  • 4 people 100.- p/pers.
  • 3 people 130.- p/pers.
  • 2 people 180.- p/pers.
  • 1 person 350.- p/pers.

What is included

Professional coach for the whole day.
2 Uplifts

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